What Is A Structural Light Panel?

The Pixalux® Structural Light Panel (SLP) defines an entirely new category of lighting product by providing the same type of smooth surface illumination typical of a lightbox but with a unique structural capability. This structural capability allows the SLP to be used in a range of unique applications where it’s self-supporting, or where objects, graphics, or people interact directly with the illuminated surface, a feature known as Direct Contact Lighting (DCL).


How Does It Work?

The Pixalux® SLP is an LED edge lit illuminated acrylic panel. It differs from other etched or printed light guide products because the diffusers are bonded directly to the panel to create a solid sheet. The rigid nature of the SLP surface means consistently smooth surface illumination that is unaffected by any surface disturbances. SLP technology also allows for illumination on both sides of the panel and for the unique Direct Contact Lighting (DCL) feature where objects, graphics, or people to interact directly with the illuminated surfaces.


Structural Light Panel Applications