Shelf Lighting

Retail and hospitality shelf lighting reimagined

Pixalux® is ideal for shelving applications by combining the shelf and the light source into one discrete product. Compared to traditional methods such as rebated LED strips or surface mounted lighting, Pixalux® provides a solution of unrivaled quality.

With the innovative structural capability of Pixalux®, we’ve changed the game when it comes to display shelving. The Pixalux® Structural Light Panel can be used directly as decorative or display shelves that house glass for your bar while acting as a light source. This unprecedented combination of features attracts attention whilst retaining a sleek and high end look.

Thanks to the thin illuminated display, you can seamlessly add Pixalux® to your retail setting where our fantastic illuminated shelves make your products glow with clean, crisp lines. There are endless possibilities for bar shelving and under shelf LED lighting that increase product visibility dramatically. Easily retrofit your space, and choose from themed and coloured lighting that matches your vibe.

Inside each panel is the latest LED technology, keeping your energy costs down when running the panel. What’s more, the panel surfaces themselves don’t give off any heat which is great for use around perishables such as medicine and cosmetics or sensitive materials like at museums. Any heat is dissipated from the extrusion profile, and because the heat is so minimal, the impact on heating and cooling the environment is minimised too, keeping costs down.

Pixalux®_DB16 (281).jpg

Floating Shelves

Compatible with 16mm shelf brackets or using our new Ω extrusion profile, Pixalux® creates the impression of floating aerial luminesence.

Pixalux®-DesignBuild-2016 (68).jpg

Wardrobe Shelving

Provide soft light to typically dimly lit wardrobe spaces. Easily installed with a drop-in fixture, or integrated with rebating.

Display Cabinet

Replace glass shelves in standard or custom made display cabinets.

Bar Shelving

The translucency of liquor bottles and glassware amplifies the lighting effect from Pixalux® further enhancing the continuity for themed venue lighting.

Custom Designs

Work with the team on your custom design. Pixalux® can be made into a range of symmetric and asymmetric shapes for bespoke applications.