Retail Design


In the cut-throat retail game, businesses must continually evolve or face their demise. Capturing and retaining the interest of shoppers is imperative. As a completely new type of product, Pixalux offers a range of unique opportunities for designers and businesses to stand out from the competition. Visibility is key, and illumination is the perfect way to get noticed, but it's not the only advantage that Pixalux® can offer to retailers. By utilising the unique features, designers can create spaces that are stunning of their own accord, which is more than sufficient to pique the interest of those around.

  • Create Stunning Designs - Leverage the unique structural properties of Pixalux® to create spaces that will attract customer attention.
  • Efficient - Keep costs down with efficient low voltage LED technology that's power efficient, cool, and built to last.
  • Locally Made - Get the piece of mind that only comes from a local manufacturer. Not only do we have a quick turn around, but we're here to support you right from the beginning of the design phase and all the way through.