LED Light Panel Technology

Pixalux® Manufacturing uses efficient LED technology to illuminate the Pixalux® Structural Light Panel. The Pixalux® Structural Light Panel takes LED light box technology to the next level. Our innovative product enables easy integration into objects and can be used to support weight.


Pixalux® White LED's

The standard Pixalux® Structural Light Panel comes fitted with Pixalux® white LED's that are specified to a 5700K cool white LED.  This colour was selected due to the relative neutrality and clean, crisp aesthetic which is ideally suited to retail and commercial spaces.

Pixalux white LED

Warm white + cool white LED's (WW+CW)

WW+CW LED’s are a white LED strip with adjustable colour temperature. Using a compatible driver, colour temperature can be controlled from a warm white of 2700K to a cool white of 6000K. Warm white colours have an amber hue typical of light given off from a fire or tungsten globe whereas cool white colours are clinical like a fluorescent tube. These LED's are ideal for creating ambience by adapting to a specific mood.

Pixalux WW+CW LEDs

Coloured LED's (RGB)

Coloured LED's known as RGB allow Pixalux® Structural Light Panels to be set to any colour using a compatible driver. These LED's are called RGB because of the three different colours on each chip: Red, green, and blue. By varying the intensity and colour combinations on the chip, any colour can be created.

Pixalux RGB LED

Colour with dedicated white (RGB + W)

RGB + W are a special type of LED that incorporate a dedicated white LED in addition to the RGB chip. Although RGB LED's can create any colour, they do not produce an accurate or bright white light due to the imbalance in channel outputs of the red, green, and blue. The addition of a dedicated white chip enables a proper bright white to be specified in addition to full colour.

Pixalux RGB+W LEDs