Not Just A Normal Light

The Pixalux® Structural Light Panel defines an entirely new category of lighting product because it allows you to do things that you never could before.

  1. Structural - You can put things on the panel and make shelves from it.

  2. Double Sided Illumination - The panel can emit light from both sides.

  3. Smooth Light - The whole surface of the panel produces a beautiful smooth light.

  4. Thin Profile - It’s only 16mm thick whether it’s single or double sided illumination.

  5. Frameless Design - There’s no external frame on the panel, just the aluminium LED profile and ABS edge finishes that keep the light in.

  6. Cool & Gentle - Negligible heat and UV is emitted from the panel surface making it perfect for use in sensitive applications.

  7. Custom - Each panel is custom made to order, with a range of different LED types and connectivity options available.

  8. Made In Australia - Australian ingenuity at its finest



Maximum size Up to 800mm x 1200mm
Up to 400mm x 1500mm
Up to 300mm x 1800mm
Illumination Single sided / Double sided
Edge finish colours White / Black / Brushed Aluminium / Glowing
Extrusion profiles U, H, F, T, Omega, Panel stand
LED type 3000k / 4000k / 5700k / 2700-6500k / RGB
Power consumption 14.4W/m - 57.6W/m
Voltage 12V DC / 24V DC
Weight 18.9kg/m²
IP Rating IP20 (indoor only)
Country of origin Made in Australia