Cabinet Lighting

Display Cabinet, Under Cupboard and Wardrobe LED lighting solution

Pixalux® can be used as a shelf or back panel to provide integrated lighting that is both internal and external to the cabinet by replacing existing components or in addition to these components as part of a retrofit.

The Pixalux® Structural Light Panel is the perfect solution for illuminating cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes and more. The thin 16mm profile ensures the panels integrate seamlessly by replacing laminate shelves, side or back panels. With Pixalux® integrated into the joinery, you’ll experience complete illumination throughout the whole space unlike traditional strip or down lighting that casts shadows leaving the interior feeling dim and dingy.

Achieve a look like no other where entire surfaces provide bright and even light. Pixalux® can easily drop in to replace centre shelving, or be substituted for the bottom of panel of an overhead cabinet illuminating the cabinet and the work surface to make spending time in the kitchen a joy. Take your kitchen to the next level with under cupboard lighting, simply use glass fronted cabinet doors to show off that amazing illumination, or link Pixalux® to a sensor so that it illuminates when the cabinet door is opened. With our L70 LED technology, power use is kept to a minimum and the LED will last for up to 50,000 hrs.

AWISA Cool White bottom shelf in overhead cabinet.jpg

Overhead Base Panel

Pixalux® is used as a substitute for an overhead carcass base panel illuminating the interior of the cabinet and the work surface below. The panel can be fixed by rebating the carcass walls, or simply dropped in on top of an existing shelf.

Internal Shelf

Simply drop in Pixalux® in place of an existing board or glass shelf for integrated internal lighting.