Bamford Store In London Oozes Luxury With Pixalux®

The first stand-alone Bamford Grooming Department store opened recently in London. Located on Threadneedle Street near the Royal Exchange, the premises still bears the heritage facade of the original tobacconist from 1841. The interior is decked in dark wood grain joinery with adjustable Pixalux® illuminated shelves creating a soft and warm glow that marries the rich old-world themed building with the crisp cutting-edge style of Bamford.

Pixalux® illuminated shelves in Bamford London store by Pixalux® UK

Only with Pixalux® is it possible to achieve such sublime illumination that is also so understated that the illumination source isn't perceptible until the shelves are turned off.

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Effective Event Design That Won't Break The Bank.

Exhibitions and events are rarely cheap, and when they are, they struggle to compete with other custom stands backed by big money. Pragmatic use of key display elements such as illumination is a really cost effective way to get noticed. The Glowpro® freestanding illuminated sign provides exhibitors with a mobile illuminated sign that is a breeze to use and provides enormous value because it can be used again and again at future events.

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Simple Techniques To Maximise Exhibition Engagement

It can be a challenge to design an exhibit that captivates visitors. Whilst lighting still remains one of the most effective ways to enhance a display and attract visitor attention, there are many pitfalls that can detract from an exhibit. Pixalux® provides a solution that inherently avoids many of the detrimental effects of lighting such as glare and contrasting shadows whilst creating exciting new opportunities in the process.

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Signage is simple with Pixalux®.

People get excited with the prospects of using Pixalux® that they often overlook its core applications such as illuminated signage. As a made to order product, Pixalux® eliminates the need for a custom made light box and provides amazing illumination quality too. Read about the recent Pixalux® sign at Marta Osteria to see just how easy it is to use.

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2016 Showcase

We're so chuffed to have been apart of so many exciting applications throughout 2016. The gallery on this page hosts a collection of work featuring Pixalux. Get in touch with the team to find out more about these applications, and how Pixalux® can work for your project!

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