How To Get More From Your Retail Display

In a retail environment, the responsibility to ensure proper product representation often falls to the brand owner who is competing against other brands and their displays. This is a crowded environment where brands compete against each other for attention, and must send merchandisers on a regular basis to make sure their displays are maintained. The neglect that can happen in between these visits can sometimes do more damage than good. This brings us to the first point...

Make Your Display Beautiful

The quality of retail displays varies wildly because they're influenced by so many factors such as market segment, store placement, type of store, and the brand image. Cost is a huge driver, especially when brands can be rolling out displays to dozens if not hundreds of locations nation wide. Rather than think of this cost as an expense or grudge purchase, it should be considered as an investment. By producing high quality displays, brands give retailers a tool that they can take pride in. Retailers armed with a tool that they're enthusiastic about maintaining and promoting gives brand owners confidence they're being represented as intended, and both parties can hope to gain from increased sales.

The even light source illuminating the hand from below gives an angelic quality to an otherwise mundane subject matter.

The even light source illuminating the hand from below gives an angelic quality to an otherwise mundane subject matter.

Illuminated Displays Stand Out & Look Great

It's an inherently simple approach that we expound time and time again here at Pixalux® because the value of illumination cannot be understated in a retail environment. Through the integration of illumination into a retail display, brand owners can make a display that stands out and creates the perception of greater value to retailers and shoppers alike. Effective use of illumination is exactly why the display doesn't have to be expensive. Previous display designs can be combined with additional illumination making the solution cost effective.

Look at the example image below and take note of what your eyes are drawn to first. Immediately, I can feel my eyes drawn to the illuminated diabetes sign at the back right because it stands out. 

An example retail store pictured above. What do you notice first?

An example retail store pictured above. What do you notice first?

Retrofit or Redesign?

Whatever the application, Pixalux® is an illumination source that will work with your designs. The advantages of Pixalux® are derived from the custom sizes that ensure the product will suit the display. The robust and self-contained nature of the product enable it to be easily dropped into existing designs which cuts down on laborious fabrication costs. 

Retrofit: POS Display Unit

Pixalux® panels were retrofitted into this display cabinet by simply being dropped in on top of the existing clear acrylic shelves with power run out the back. The up and down area lighting shows off the subtlety in the product geometry that would make you think this belongs in a museum, not on a shop counter.


Custom Solution: Display Plinth

This custom plinth was built to work with Pixalux® from the ground up. It's a simple MDF construction with a two pack paint finish and a drop in Pixalux® illuminated surface. The clean finish imbues a bold and minimalist aesthetic that you would expect from a boutique retail space.


We Can Help.

At Pixalux® we're here to help you make the most from your retail display from providing illumination with the Pixalux® Structural Light Panel to full detail design assistance and custom project based solutions. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help.