Wall mounted lightbox with Pixalux®

Sometimes it can be a challenge to mount Pixalux®. The frameless design and edge to edge illumination leaves little room for fixtures. Recently we've developed a really neat solution for a wall mounted panel using a split batten fixture that works great as a lightbox.

Hanging the panel is a breeze because the batten mounting system ensures it's level every time.


The Pixalux® panel is framed with the 'F' profile extrusion creating a 16mm cavity behind the panel which is perfect for concealing the split batten mount and cabling.

Pixalux on.jpg

The end result is a clean finished lightbox sitting 32mm proud off the wall. Use of the F profile creates a neat 16mm flush border around the panel face and provides a surface for graphics mounting hardware such as a transparent fascia.

This solution is available now, so get in touch with us for your next wall mounted lightbox application!