Signage is simple with Pixalux®.

When first being introduced to Pixalux®, people get so caught up in the excitement from all of the new possibilities created with the product, that they often overlook the core applications. At its fundamental level, Pixalux® is an evenly illuminated surface where the bulk of the applications are either as a horizontal or vertical illuminated surface. Simply put, Pixalux® absolutely kills it as an illuminated display shelf or illuminated sign.

"Marta, Double Bay" , Delicious.

"Marta, Double Bay", Delicious.

The recently opened Marta Osteria in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney is a great example of the latter. Pictured above,  the Marta sign sits inside the front window to the left side of the restaurant, where you can see the glowing logo through the powder coated aluminium sleeve care of Pixalux®.

Looking at the window more closely you can see the thinness of the olive green sign in the front window. The sign is fixed at the roof and hangs in the front window neatly integrating with the rest of venues aesthetic.

With Pixalux® being only 16mm thick, the full sign is barely visible when viewed side on demonstrating how easily the panel can integrate with overall design intent and in this case, ensuring it's consistent the crisp interior detailing.

Marta Restaurant Signage with Pixalux.jpeg

Proving that size doesn't matter, Pixalux® is extremely bright despite being only 16mm thick. Marta is around 20 to 30 metres away from the street yet is impossible to miss with such a bright window sign acting like a beacon to all those around.

It's a sign makers dream product - beautiful evenly diffused light that comes with double or single sided illumination and no effect on price or thickness. It's also made to order in Melbourne. Watch the assembly animation for the Marta sign below to see how easy it is to create illuminated signage with Pixalux®. For the Marta sign, Pixalux® simply drops in to the powder coated aluminium sleeve. It's almost too easy.

Marta Enclosure Animation Pixalux

The animation above is typical of the kind of detail design support that Pixalux® Manufacturing Australia provides to clients to ensure everybody gets the most out of their project. So why not give Pixalux® a try for your next illuminated sign? It might cost you a bit more than the raw materials required to build a traditional light box but with Pixalux® provided as a fully finished light box alternative you'll save on labour and end up with our awesome and unrivaled quality of illumination.