Introducing The Pixalux® Structural Light Panel.

The Pixalux® Structural Light Panel defines an entirely new class of product through the combination of the smooth surface illumination typical of a lightbox with the structural utility of a typical particle board shelf. When your shelf becomes your light, the possibilities are practically endless!

What is Pixalux®?


We've created a whole new class of product. Pixalux® structural light panels combines the evenly diffused light of flat panel lights or luminaires with the strength and versatility of an acrylic panel to create a designer lighting product that can easily be built into objects and strong enough to act as a shelf to support weight. Pixalux® lighting solutions are perfect for trade show displays for retail and commercial needs, to a state of the art light display in the home that’s both practical and impressive. This never before seen combination of features enables endless new possibilities for lighting through seamless integration and direct support of objects. Click here to find out how Pixalux® works.